Our Story

Hi Everyone, 
Welcome to The Viger Family Blog, My name is Camden, and I am the mother of two beautiful babies!

Our baby boy June 2014 👼

Our baby girl May 2017 👶

Here is a little information about us. 

My husband and I had our first date in Old Orchard–a beautiful walk on the beach. In February of 2016, we got married in a snow storm! August, we found out we were pregnant!!! Later that year we found out the sex… A Babygirl 

Finally, in 2017 baby V was born, what a remarkable and unforgettable moment for all of us. She is absolutely the most incredible baby she loves to watch Paw Patrol and is a Daddy’s little girl. She has completed our family. 

I have always loved writing from an early age but never had much to write about ever since my daughter came along I have tons to write about! I hope you enjoy blogs about; parenting, cleaning, cooking, inexpensive deals and most importantly family. 

Our son was born a stillborn, In June 2014, He will forever be in our hearts. 💞

Oh and we love frogs 🐸

In loving memory of J.P.V June 2014

This is the bear we received in the hospital for our little man to always be with us.

Baby Boys Bear


The Viger Family 💙❤❤💙