Potty Training Success!!!

We are so close to having Baby V fully potty trained, It's been one month since we first started this new journey and honestly its been such a wonderful experience for us. She has been learning so quickly and barely has any mistakes. I was reading a blog the other day there is this "challenge" [...]


Big Potty

Big Potty

Transitioning Time   It's been a little over a month now that our daughter stopped using her "training potty" and has directly moved onto the big potty!!! It definitely hasn't been an easy experience potty training a one-year-old but for her being so young she is doing amazing. Since Baby V can't talk that much we have arranged a schedule of when we set her on the potty. Which seems to be working wonders, she goes first thing in the morning, after she has a drink and every 30mins to an hour. She still [...]


Good Morning Everyone, It's Thursday morning, and I figured I would write a post about the upcoming blogs I have in stores your you. My husband is a member of a festival which is in June, for the next two weeks most of my post will be about that. The festival is very important to [...]

No more Formula!!!!

Transitioning to Cow's Milk   Yesterday was the first time the baby had no formula! A sad but incredible moment for us. Sad because she's a year old and growing up, amazing seeing as no more spending hundreds of money on formula as well as no more bottles to clean! It took about a month to switch her over; she was drinking 8 oz. If you've followed my other blogs [...]

Sick Baby… Again

Sick Baby Symptoms A Runny Nose Sneezing Coughing Since our daughter has been born, she barely gets sick we try to prevent her from being around people who are sick since babies are prone to germs. Unfortunately, we overlooked the most important thing which was to make sure no one in the family was ill when we [...]

Blog Update

Posting I will be posting at 6 am just about every day, The blogs will be posted that particular day before. Since my daughter is growing up quickly, it's harder for me to write blogs during the day, this will help so I can work at night while she's asleep this is also a valuable idea because I can explain better what went on that day.  Blogs There will be some blogs that get posted that particular day depending on [...]