How much do you spend at the Dollar Store? ūüí≤ūüéĄ

How much do you spend at the Dollar Store? ūüí≤ūüéĄ

As many already know I love to go shopping at the Dollar Tree. There are just so many fun and useful products for only $1.00 you just can't beat that. Today was a regular shopping day minus we ended up spending almost $50.00 on things (which is the most we've ever spent). Here are some [...]


LG G7 Review

LG G7 Review

I have always seemed to like Samsung and LG phones. The g7 has only been out for approximately a month now so there's really not much about it just yet. I didn't even know they had come out with a new one haha. Here's a list of pros Larger screen (fits the whole phone) Icon changes (round, square) You can choose your grid [...]


Who has a teething baby?  We do! Our daughter is what we like to call an overachiever because she always gets more than one tooth at a time. Typically it's two at once but today I looked in her mouth and I found a total of FOUR?! New teeth. She has four teeth coming in all at once, no wonder she's been grumpy these last few days and this morning she threw up in [...]

Cleaning Day

     Saturday was the first time my parents took the baby away since she has been born, I needed to get some housework done so they decided to take her for a few hours and visit with her great-grandmother. To be honest, I felt extremely guilty at first but once I started cleaning I felt great, I was able to accomplish almost everything I wanted to. I also was able to find that damn wasp and low and behold it was...Dead on the [...]

Baby Item’s I never used

Items we thought we'd use but never did   This will vary depending on your child's needs and wants, but¬†we¬†found¬†these items a waste because¬†we¬†never¬†had to¬†use¬†them. When¬†you¬†first¬†find out¬†you're pregnant¬†you¬†start looking around for your registry am¬†I¬†right?¬†Of course,¬†I¬†am because¬†I¬†did the same thing even though¬†we¬†haven't¬†found out¬†the sex yet. Items we either didn't want or got and never used Burp [...]


What diaper brand do I use?   I use¬†Huggies¬†because they provide double grip strips, wetness indicator, dry liner and 12-hour protection.¬†There are¬†little snugglers for when the baby is tiny and not mobile¬†just yet.¬†Once they are you can¬†move¬†them into little movers to help¬†move¬†with your baby who wouldn't¬†want¬†that.¬†When¬†I¬†first found out we were¬†pregnant,¬†I¬†never¬†really¬†discussed any other¬†brand¬†I¬†absolutely knew¬†I¬†didn't want to [...]