Hi Everyone, 
Welcome to The Viger Family Blog, My name is Camden, and I am married to my wonderful husband Dustin. 

Our baby boy June 2014 👼

Our baby girl May 2017 👶

Here is a little information about us. 

My husband and I had our first date in Old Orchard–a beautiful walk on the beach. In February of 2016, we got married, in a snowstorm! August, we found out we were pregnant!!! Later that year we found out the sex… A Babygirl 

Finally, in 2017 baby V was born, what a remarkable and unforgettable moment for all of us. She is absolutely the most incredible baby. She loves to watch Paw Patrol and is Daddy’s little girl. 

She has completed our family. 

I have always loved writing from an early age but never had much to write about ever since my daughter came along I have tons to write about! I hope you enjoy blogs about; parenting, cleaning, cooking, inexpensive deals and most importantly family. 

Our boy was born stillborn, In June 2014, He will forever be in our hearts. 💞

Oh and we love frogs 🐸

In loving memory of J.P.V June 2014



The Viger Family 💙❤❤💙

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