I’ve decided to buy some Protein to see if that would help me out with losing weight.


I went to GNC and told the gentleman what I was looking for which was a meal replacement to help lose weight. He pointed me in the right direction. I decided to go with Lean Shake Burn (which burns 3x the calories) I chose Cookies & Cream.

This morning I gave it a shot, first off these are nasty I suggest putting milk or mixing it with a smoothie. Drinking it on its own is so gross!

One very important thing before you drink this is PLEASE READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS. Want to know why I say that so strongly? Because I didn’t. It says to use two scoops with an 8oz glass of cold water which I did. Well not long after drinking this (Which I didn’t even finish the whole thing) I started feeling very jumpy so I decided to clean. After I began cleaning I started feeling sick and my whole body was shaking, I carefully relooked at the can and it states “for beginner’s to take one scoop in 4ozs of water” well I took double so no wonder I felt so jumpy and shaky.

It definitely gives you some energy but you have got to read all the instructions because now I do not feel good. Not good when you have a child.

I personally don’t drink any caffeine so this is making my body crazy. I’m not sure if I will continue to drink this or not I’ll keep you updated.


200mg of caffeine ahh


One Reply to “Protein Shakes/Supplement”

  1. So sorry this made you jumpy!! I am fitness professional (and blogger) and have only just found an amazing order that was gifted by a friend. It is hydrolized whey, has great taste and blends well. 110 calories for 25g protein less than 1g sugar. Very tasty. One scoop with 8oz almond milk is how I take it or I mix with Greek yogurt. Dymatize iso100 is the name. I love birthday cake flavor and I have a few recipes on my blog if you need a bit.
    Best wishes!! Michelle


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