We’re off to the Fair 🎡🌞

After a long car ride, we have arrived! We are so excited to see how Baby V does today.

Walked well over 10,000 steps today and Baby V did an amazing job, at first she was like “ugh what are we looking at” but once she saw the pigs she lite right up.

Here are some pictures I took from today

First things first… The Bunnies

Draft Horse’s (They are so beautiful)


Alpacas and Llamas


Ferris Wheels

Look at the size of this Chocolate Sauce Bottle (Caren’s Ice – Cream)


Fresh Chocolate Covered Fruit

Future Truck haha


Amazing Kettle Corn


Last but not least the best pizza I’ve ever had, Sunflower Pizza



Being able to go on trips like this with our family is such a blessing, we had a fantastic day but are now tired. Some pictures that you didn’t see are cotton candy, sweets, fudge, we also bought three 10 foot chargers (Hope they last) which come with a limited time warranty. If you haven’t been to the Fryeburg Fair, you must go and make sure to stop by Sunflower Pizza for the best pizza ever (They only sell there.). I genuinely love the fact that we have these remarkable pictures/memories with our daughter even if she won’t remember them. There will be plenty of pictures for her to look at when she gets older.

Thank you for reading our blog, Hope you enjoyed.

Have a great day from, The Viger Family


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