Time to start eating better and losing some weight again.


Pinterest is where I got the idea to start meal prepping. It’s a great and easy way to make sure you eat healthy and don’t have to get something last minute. Definitely a great idea for moms on the go! I simply went to the Dollar Tree and bought six containers. Came home and started prepping.

This week is Grilled Chicken, Rice, & Green Beans.

I had my husband grill and season a chicken breast for me. We used seasoning salt which has no calories but has quite a bit of sodium.

Step 1. Grill Chicken

Step 2. Make rice (I just used white minute rice)

Step 3. Pick a vegetable, this week I had green beans on hand. (Frozen or Fresh doesn’t matter)

I was able to make five dinners and I got to say they look really delicious. I hope you enjoy this blog! Let’s start eating better. Enjoy


Rice – 1/2 cup = 1 cup 170 Cal

Grilled Chicken – 1 cup = 140 Cal

Green Beans – 1/2 cup = 25 Cal

Total Calories = 335


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