Potty Training Success!!!

We are so close to having Baby V fully potty trained, It’s been one month since we first started this new journey and honestly its been such a wonderful experience for us. She has been learning so quickly and barely has any mistakes.

I was reading a blog the other day there is this “challenge” called the Three Day Stay. You stay in your house for three days don’t go anywhere and watch your child like a hawk. Take them to the potty even if you’re not 100% sure, we are on day two as I am writing this blog and I got to say it really works. We haven’t completely stayed in the house but for the most part, we have.

During this, 72 hour watch here are some tips I 100% recommend

  • Make going to the potty fun
  • Bring books in
  • Give candy when they go potty (It works wonders)

The First day

Peed 10 times – Pooped Once

The Second Day

Peed 11 times – Pooped None

Not everyday will be perfect because Baby V is so young but we are just so amazed at how great she is doing. We were actually able to go run to the store, come home and she had a dry diapy!!!

At night when/if she wakes up we place her on the potty but we don’t give her candy we just praise her. That also seems to be working out great.

We are not far from having a fully trained One Year Old!!!!

Here is the link to the blog I read



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