It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got ourselves a new truck!!!
We are so thrilled about this new journey, and Baby V has done a fantastic job while looking for a new vehicle. She’s genuinely loved every minute of it, and of course, she helped carefully pick out the truck! (by playing with the buttons haha)
Our list was mostly met with this truck there’s a few things we will need to purchase but that’s no problem for us. The Viger Family couldn’t be happier to have a new truck!!!
It’s taken forever to buy this truck, we went through five different car dealerships and too many trucks but finally found the perfect one. It also took about a week to determine everything due to the fact we couldn’t decide on which one to choose.

Today, we finally get to pick up our new truck!!!! 🚚 thank God.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful new truck.


We got our truck this morning, so freaking happy.

We ended up going to Quirk Chevrolet to purchase the truck. Our salesmen name is Ken, and I just have so many great things to say about him. He was nice, humorous, and helpful beyond words. He put up with our needs/wants and made sure everything was above and beyond for us. He didn’t mind we called him almost everyday he would walk over to finance and push them along so we could get our truck ASAP. I just have nothing but great words to say about him and the company. Even though it took a while the wait was so worth it. 

He loved getting to see Baby V (thought she was just the cutest, most well-behaved child he’s ever met) she was always smiling. 

So much more room, carseat was put in later after we picked up the baby lol



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