Where do I begin? Quirk naturally had some flaws like any dealership, for the most part, our experiences have been great. My husband and I found three trucks to look at, two Chevys and one GMC, they all had their flaws (more like me being picky).

  • Didn’t¬†like¬†the¬†color
  • Didn’t have enough buttons inside¬†(heated seats, etc.)
  • No rain guards
  • Windows¬†weren’t tinted.
  • Wasn’t Lifted
  • No Plow

    The GMC was perfect¬†it¬†had everything¬†I¬†wanted,¬†windows¬†were tinted¬†it¬†was¬†lifted, and an awesome¬†muffler¬†but no plow sadly¬†it¬†wasn’t¬†really¬†family friendly.¬†(still,¬†want¬†that¬†truck¬†haha.).¬†It¬†was¬†very¬†straightforward in¬†the¬†end¬†we¬†chose¬†a Chevy which I will be¬†writing¬†a¬†blog¬†all about that one soon.¬†

    Hubby and I had gone home to evaluate a decision, unfortunately, by the time we made our choice it was late Friday afternoon and of course, everyone wants to leave ASAP on Fridays. We got all our information sent out. 

    Saturday morning came,¬†we¬†waited¬†until around 10¬†am¬†to¬†see¬†if¬†we‘d¬†receive¬†a¬†call¬†but¬†we¬†hadn’t.¬†I¬†gave¬†Ken a¬†call, and¬†he¬†told¬†us¬†he¬†would¬†go¬†check in and¬†call back¬†within 10¬†mins.¬†An¬†hour¬†goes by still nothing.¬†Call¬†again no word.¬†Around 1:30 I¬†call¬†and¬†explain¬†to¬†Ken¬†what was going on¬†needless to¬†say¬†he wasn’t¬†thrilled¬†with the finance¬†people because they were¬†supposed¬†to¬†contact¬†us¬†hours¬†ago.¬†Ken¬†said¬†to¬†give¬†him a few more¬†mins¬†and he’d respond back.¬†2:00 comes around…¬†nothing we drive over to¬†see¬†whats going¬†on.¬†We¬†had¬†to send in more paperwork and unfortunately¬†won’t hear back until¬†Monday morning.¬†

    Overall extraordinary people to work with Ken was amazing and loved Baby V¬†(no¬†surprise¬†there)¬†she did amazing didn’t fuss or anything.¬†The¬†only¬†downfall we¬†had¬†was¬†the finance¬†people weren’t good at¬†contacting¬†us.¬†


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