We undoubtedly had a much more enjoyable experience with Lee Cars, then at North Country Auto.¬†They actually emailed and¬†called¬†us to make sure¬†we¬†were¬†still¬†on¬†for our¬†appointment.¬†North didn’t call or anything!¬†Now¬†we¬†politely told them our firm budget¬†and money¬†to put down,¬†they¬†tried¬†to¬†get¬†us¬†into an¬†SUV¬†but¬†specially said to him¬†we¬†needed¬†a¬†truck¬†nothing else.¬†They¬†carefully explained it was¬†going¬†to¬†be difficult to¬†get¬†a¬†truck¬†with our specific needs/wants¬†if¬†we¬†chose¬†to¬†go through¬†them, so¬†we¬†left¬†and¬†considered¬†the¬†options.¬†

We¬†received¬†a¬†call¬†a few¬†hours¬†later¬†saying¬†they¬†found¬†a¬†truck¬†but¬†wanted¬†$6,000 down and the monthly payment would be almost double what¬†we¬†had¬†asked¬†for.¬†Needless to¬†say,¬†they¬†were¬†great¬†to work with but didn’t fully listen to what¬†we¬†were¬†asking¬†for.¬†We¬†want¬†a¬†truck, not a Car or SUV.¬†We¬†also have so¬†much¬†for a down payment and can only pay this¬†much¬†a¬†month.

They then continued calling us at least 10 times between the two phones to try and get us to buy anything but a truck. 

Glad¬†Lee’s was consistent but¬†we¬†felt¬†they¬†didn’t fully listen to our¬†request.¬†


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