North Country Auto ūüė†

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Before I¬†even¬†begin, this blog you can already tell it wasn’t a delightful experience since there’s¬†an angry emoji in the¬†title.¬†

My¬†husband¬†and I have been¬†looking¬†for a new truck.¬†Ours just isn’t big enough, for our¬†family¬†anymore.¬†A¬†friend¬†of ours was able to find a truck for us that had everything we needed, and it just happened to be from his work. We¬†called¬†that day (Friday)¬†to¬†see¬†if we could go look at it, we were told it was at a different store and they could get it down for Monday. We¬†couldn’t go until¬†Wednesday which he said was fine.¬†
The¬†weekend¬†was¬†a¬†long¬†wait but finally, Wednesday had¬†come¬†we¬†hadn’t heard from anyone on whether or not it had been brought down so¬†we¬†headed down anyways.¬†Once¬†we¬†arrived¬†there¬†and looked around we noticed the truck wasn’t there figured maybe it was in the back on hold for us. Walk in as for the gentlemen come to find out he wasn’t even there (like he said he would be) and neither was the truck. They called to find out where it was, it was in a shop five hours away… needless to say, I was¬†not impressed. To be told it would be there and it was not definitely isn’t a good start. The guy said he would call us with an update.¬†

Here¬†we¬†are¬†Monday, August 20th still haven’t¬†heard¬†anything;¬†my¬†husband¬†gives¬†them a¬†call, and the¬†lady¬†tells¬†him that¬†location¬†has been shut down?¬†Say what?¬†I¬†texted¬†our¬†friend¬†and sure enough, it was true.¬†At this point I’m furious you¬†tell¬†us¬†one¬†thing¬†then another and randomly¬†close down your store for no¬†reason?¬†didn’t¬†even¬†bother to¬†contact¬†us?¬†

The lady told my husband he would receive a call back within a few mins lets just say that never happened either. 

In¬†my¬†opinion, DO NOT GO TO NORTH COUNTRY AUTO, they¬†are¬†scammers¬†and don’t care about their¬†customers¬†or loyal employees.¬†

I will gladly be taking my business elsewhere. 

Thankfully for us,¬†we¬†typically continued looking at¬†different vehicles after¬†finding out the¬†truck¬†wasn’t¬†even¬†there. We ended up¬†founding¬†a nicer and newer truck¬†in the same price range. It is a little bit different but not by much. So hopefully, this other place will¬†treat¬†us¬†better¬†so¬†we¬†can¬†finally¬†get¬†a¬†new¬†truck.¬†


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