Transitioning Time


It’s been a little over a¬†month¬†now that our¬†daughter¬†stopped¬†using¬†her “training¬†potty” and has directly moved onto the big¬†potty!!!

It definitely hasn’t been an easy experience¬†potty¬†training a one-year-old but for her being so young¬†she¬†is¬†doing¬†amazing.¬†Since Baby V can’t talk that much¬†we¬†have¬†arranged¬†a¬†schedule¬†of when¬†we¬†set¬†her on the¬†potty.¬†Which¬†seems¬†to be working wonders,¬†she¬†goes¬†first thing¬†in the¬†morning, after¬†she¬†has a drink and every¬†30mins¬†to an¬†hour.

She¬†still goes in her pull-ups but it’s¬†less¬†and¬†less¬†each day/week.¬†Hubby¬†and I are so blessed to¬†have¬†such an intelligent toddler.¬†While¬†we¬†were on¬†vacation¬†we¬†did¬†bring¬†her “little potty” but ended up not¬†evening¬†using¬†it.¬†Dustin had set her on the big potty, and she went with no problems.¬†When¬†we¬†got back,¬†she¬†refused¬†to go on her little one so¬†we¬†ditched it for the¬†big¬†toilet and¬†she‘s been¬†using¬†that ever since.

Tips for potty training a young child

  1. Be Patient.
  2. Praise like crazy
  3. Give stickers.
  4. I give the baby a special treat when she does something new.
  5. Look for any signs (hiding, making faces, walking to the bathroom, &, etc.)


Getting a smaller toilet seat for the child is what works best, most newer little potties have them now which is awesome.


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