Just a few hours ago I made the official decision to make my Instagram account private (My IG is typically for my blog and daily outfits.) because some people feel the need to stalk me. Since they undoubtedly have nothing better to do with their lives. (just waiting for me to post something bad or screw up).
I instantly got to thinking why should I have to block and or make my job private because you have no life? I shouldn’t! It’s a free country last time I checked. If you can post MY personal private facebook URL on your social page for the world to see well then I can write whatever I want too. There’s nothing you can do about it.

I find it very humorous you continue to make “fake accounts” and have all your little buddies fight your battles for you by messaging me… It’s not doing you any good and frankly, it’s ridiculous. If you can’t fight your own battles then don’t be starting them in the first place. You called my life “Pathetic” last time I checked you don’t work and claim to stay at home to take care of your kids (when you clearly don’t). I stay at home and actually take care of my daughter thanks very much. So if my life is pathetic your saying anyone who stays at home to care of their innocent children is pathetic and that’s wrong.
I‘m not one to create drama like some individuals (since you post everything on Facebook just to persuade people to like you) I may hold back what really needs to be said but I‘m not going to swear and call people names (that’s not how I want my precious daughter to be raised) calling me names such as “scum, c***, & b****” isn’t going to get you far in life either.

Just so you know the real definitions of those words

  • Scum – A layer of dirt or froth on the surface of a liquid

(Pretty sure I’m not a layer of dirt)

  • Bitch – A female dog

(Yes, I am a female but not a dog)

  • C**t – I won’t say the definition (Female parts)

(Yes, I have those parts)

You have everyone wrapped around your finger with all your bullshit lies, no one witnesses what you’ve done to people or put them through they just see your lies. Sadly by the time, they realize who the “real you is” it will be too late.

We carefully chose to hide our adorable daughter for a few legitimate reasons, you think the reason being is she’s “ugly” please. I don’t have to explain why we keep her a secret. It’s none of your business. But here are the reasons…

1. There are so many creeps and weirdos who take those pictures and use them.

2. Certain people don’t deserve to see or ever meet my daughter (because they want to act like children themselves).
Certain people actually provide for their children and don’t rely on everyone to do it for them. We buy everything for our daughter by ourselves; we don’t rely on anyone to do it for us. Yes, having a remarkable family who loves and cares for her is the best thing in the world but that doesn’t mean they need to buy stuff and if they do its on their own free time and will. We don’t get everything handed to us like some people we work for what we have.
Some people will just pawn their children off to go drinking or other things I won’t mention because my blog isn’t supposed to be used for drama or inappropriate conduct. It’s naturally supposed to share my unique experiences and active lifestyle as a Mother and Wife to others.
The only time we ever leave our child with someone is
A. We can’t bring her with us. (which is like never)
B. Date night (which rarely happens because we’d rather spend time with her)

Unfortunately, there are just so many things that need to be said, but I’ll wait until the time is right (which will come)

Something important that I’d like to add is if youre in a Cemetery don’t be a douche and yell there are other people who are mourning their loved ones (which you have no relation to at all) and to be honest, it’s so disrespectful and inconsiderate And you call us “horrible people.Have some respect!

I actually know who my daughter’s father is and let me just inform you…

Dustin is the best father any child could ever ask for, he treats Baby V like she is the only girl on earth. He’s been there for us since Day One. He will and would do anything for her no questions asked! After she was born and I was recovering he took care of her, I didn’t have to change a diaper for a week! Because he was always on top of it. When it was time for him to go back to work he would get up early when she woke up so I could feed her. He’s NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A DEADBEAT DAD REGARDLESS OF WHAT PEOPLE THINK. The unbreakable bond My precocious daughter and devoted My husband have is so strong and NO ONE can/will ever break that.

My husband is the father of TWO beautiful babies. One precious boy and One beautiful girl. If that boy was with us now you‘d better believe Dustin and I would take that child and we’d raise him right but because of certain things that I won’t mention he is in the sky being taken care of by his pepere.

You want me to say hes not my son but I will never say that he is my son whether you like it or not and always will be.

You want to stalk my stuff… go right ahead, but at least I don’t hide behind lies or get everyone to bow down and kiss my a** for me like you. You wanna b**** about me on your little Facebook and be a wimp and hide it… Go ahead it’s not going to get you s***. Continue roping everyone in your make believe world and threaten me because at least I know I’m an excellent mother and wife. I don’t and never will smoke or drink in front of my kids, last time I checked there’s this thing called “A Law” about smoking in front or near your damn children.

One last thing you say “nothing pisses you off” so why call me “scum” why I post about him? It clearly pisses you off.

I love my children more than anything in the world and when I go to sleep both of them are right next to us safe and away from people who are bad influences. One is being taken care of in the sky and the other is being taken care of by her MOTHER & FATHER.

I’m well aware this will more than likely create drama but I frankly don’t give a damn. I‘m tired of people thinking they know everything and treating hs like were the bad guys when truthfully you are. Truthfully only a select few know the real truth.


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