Time to Head Home

Off we go, Goodbye beautiful vacation view and back to reality…

Leaving vacation with some great memories and of course souvenirs, This time around Baby V is a little more awake vs when heading up so let’s see how the trip goes. We are currently starting off with Underdog movie #2 will be Mr. Poppers Penguins. The baby loves animal movies, so I really hope she enjoys these.
I have read quite a few blogs in the past that say going on a vacation with a toddler isn’t really a vacation at all. We found there’s some truth to that and some not so true as well. The only real problem we had was getting her down for naps and bedtime but normally put her in a dark room for both whereas the cabin didn’t have that, some days she wouldn’t nap at all others for up to two hours. I would say traveling with a toddler is still a vacation in my book.

We honestly had an extraordinary time we were able to go to the park/beach, get ice-cream and dinner, and of course, go four-wheeling which was so much fun and Baby V loved it. Ended up seeing four deer, two moose, and 1 fox not bad at all.
We have made out first stop of the day to grab some breakfast and stretch… Off we go again, time for movie #2.
Yay, we are almost home but before we go were stopping at… Fast Eddies this place has the most delicious milkshakes and onion rings ever.

Here are some pictures I took while we were there.



Such amazing food


It’s merely about 2 pm and were also home! I can’t wait to be back in my own bed with the air conditioner on.


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