Day 4 Last Day 

It’s, unfortunately, our last day of vacation, both happy and sad time for us. Happy because it will be nice to be home but sad seeing as we’ll have to go back to reality. It’s not the best day, everyone is very tired and humid outside so we’re spending the morning/afternoon relaxing in the cabin.

Ended up taking a nap which worked out great not only because we’re all refreshed but it cooled down a lot. Now, let’s go take advantage of this delightful weather. As we’re driving, I’m blogging, haha and so far we got to see three deer, a mama, daddy, and an adorable baby they were carefully hidden in the woods, therefore, the pictures aren’t very good.

Here they are.



Of course, we got to observe our magnificent fox no moose yet but there’s still plenty of time. After showering and eating dinner its evening time which means time for our final night ride. This time in the truck. Going down this dirt road and its dark enough that I instantly recognize something ahead I say “what’s that?” “My mom says it’s a sign,” I’m thinking no it is not it’s brown, big and moving cautiously. As we get closer we instantly realize it’s a Mama and her baby! So adorable. We then proceeded onward to find any more wildlife but had no luck and it was getting late so I said let us turn around. A good thing we did because we ended up seeing them two more times this evening.


A great way to end our amazing family vacation.


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