Day 3

Another new day for some incredible adventure, This morning I’m making French Toast with Bacon (of course) then were headed to the beach for some fun in the sand. Undoubtedly followed by a four-wheeling trip more than likely.

Breakfast Time

At the lovely beach, We carefully observe a loon who came pretty close to us and one-pointed. She also decided to walk over to two little boys and hang out with them she’s such a cutie. Got to go swimming for a little, the water is very warm (water baby).



Currently taking a ride up in the majestic mountains, it’s so gorgeous up here but damn there are some steep hills. Just spotted a HUGE doe running into the enchanted woods wasn’t able to capture a picture but very happy to see some wildlife.

Magnificent views!


Just a random waterfall

Enter a caption

We had made it 29 miles before I decided to turn around and glad we did otherwise we wouldn’t have seen that deer.

This is the view we wake up to every morning.


Traveled 58 miles today now to go out for some dinner.

I had Parmesan Chicken, babe had steak, and baby V had chicken nuggets. Us ladies received bigger meals than our men, how does that happen? Food was genuinely decent, though.



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