Wow, it’s been a while since posting a blog.


Tonight we went out with our other family for some pizza! We ended up going to Pizza Hut hence the title of this blog. The last time my husband and I went there I got ill (while pregnant with Baby V) this time I didn’t… Yay.

We had Salad, Breadsticks, and of course pizza, we had an incredible fun-filled evening with everyone although the service could have been more efficient. The waitress was pleasant up until we received our food mind you the place wasn’t busy.

My husband’s drink was empty and the lady walked by at least 4 different times without inquiring if he’d like a refill.

Ended up needing some boxes (her knowing we had a full pizza leftover) gave us the tiniest box I’ve ever seen. A personal pan pizza is what it’s made for not a large one.


The check needed to be split (gave my husband an attitude) very unnecessary.

What really pissed us all off was our family member ended up spilling chocolate milk everywhere (The waitress saw the whole thing happen.) and not once did she stop to help or grab a rag… Like really lady.

Food was pretty good only thing I didn’t really care for was the pizza but overall a good meal.

So to wrap this blog up we had a pleasant time together as a family but the service was less than impressed.


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