Couple weeks ago Hubby and I were watch the TV series Unwrapped, and they were showing Pretzels. I love them there soft and delicious but the only good place I know around us is at the mall which is at least 20mins away. I’m not driving that far for some pretzels lol so anyway the company is Called Super Pretzels Soft pretzels I got to thinking why not try them? Couldn’t hurt worst case is I don’t like them well today I ended trying them.

They are so yummy! And easy to cook. I chose to cook them in the microwave.


  1. Place food onto a plate
  2. Add a little water onto pretzels
  3. Add salt to taste
  4. Microwave for 30secs (add 30 for every pretzel)

Next tine your in the grocery stores and wanting some soft pretzels make sure to pick up a box of these you won’t regret it.


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