How much do you spend at the Dollar Store? πŸ’²πŸŽ„

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As many already know I love to go shopping at the Dollar Tree. There are just so many fun and useful products for only $1.00 you just can’t beat that. Today was a regular shopping day minus we ended up spending almost $50.00 on things (which is the most we’ve ever spent).

Here are some items we bought:

We let Baby V pick out her own toy and she chose a cute little pink ball.


We found some more outdoor toys for a one-year-old such as a bucket along with a mini rake, shovel, and sifter.

  • Chips for my Hubby (Something we always buy)
  • Emoji Band-aids. πŸ˜πŸ’©
  • Two baskets for organizations
  • Slim Jim’s (Cause why not?)


The most expensive items we bought were Gatorade. $1 for a 32oz bottle.

Here’s little miss’s new bucket for the beach! Also got some flip-flops. I refuse to pay a lot for them because I just use them for going in and out of the pool.


One of the last couples of items we bought was… Stickers!!! Because baby girl is potty training, we give her stickers and prefer the pop-up ones. I find that whenever we had been going to the Dollar Store they never have them. Today we got lucky. We ended up buying five packages aren’t they so cute?

Hope you enjoy this little Dollar Tree Haul, I know we did. Many may think the Dollar Tree is for poor people but if you look close enough you can find some pretty amazing deals. Of course, there are many items you just shouldn’t buy which I do have a blog written about that if you’d like to go check it out I’ll leave the link below.



6 Replies to “How much do you spend at the Dollar Store? πŸ’²πŸŽ„”

  1. Loved this as I love shopping at dollar tree too! I really enjoy watching Dollar Tree hauls, I recommend Bargain Bethany on YouTube if you haven’t watched any!

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