I feel for some it’s a very easy switch and for others not so much, weaning your child off a bottle can present a challenge. It’s important to find the right sippy cup for your child, I can’t tell you how many we have purchased thinking they were the correct one and turns out they weren’t for our daughter. We went to Walmart, Babies R US, Hannaford, and Renys to find the perfect one. We ended up finding the perfect one at… Renys it has a straw what kid doesn’t love straws am I right? We were in Walmart the other day and of course, we go check out the baby section low and behold we find two more sippy cups, we purchased them and she absolutely loves them.

Here’s some information that may help. (Please remember every child is different.)

When should you wean a baby off a bottle?

By the time your baby gets into a groove with her bottle, you can probably start thinking about breaking the bond. Most little ones are ready to start drinking from a sippy cup between 6 and 9 months, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. And by 12 months, it’s best to boot the bottle altogether.
Here is the brand we have purchased, They come with or without straws.



I believe one of the important steps in introducing a sippy cup to your child is finding the right one. Baby V has never really cared for sippy cups she’d rather drink from a water bottle or cup but those can get spilled.

Here are Four Steps that I feel are helpful

Step One – Try all kinds of Sippy Cups if your child doesn’t seem to want one.

Step Two – Swap between a Bottle and Sippy cup during the day.

Step Three – Find the right one

Step Four – No more bottles!



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