Went up to Dew Haven today with Baby V and the family.

For those who don’t know Dew Haven is famous for their show “Yankee Jungle” back in 2014. They take in more than 200 domestic, exotic, and wild animals and they do a wonderful job raising these animals and making sure they aren’t harmed. Bob is the co-founder he is such a delightful man, so funny as well we have gone to Dew Haven in the past before Baby V was born where Bob had a tour and trust me if you go you’re going to want to join that tour. Bob gets the animals all excited and has so many stories about how they came to him, how they take care of them it’s truly amazing what these people do for their animals. 

Here is their website please go check it out!


I can’t begin to describe to you how many amazing animals we saw today. Unfortunately, the only animal we aren’t allowed to see the Timber Wolves because the Department of whatever won’t allow them to be shown, but otherwise the animals there are so friendly and beautiful it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Definitely a must see! They are located in Mount Vernon Maine.

Here are some animals we got to see today, Hope you enjoy!

Goats and a Deer


Black Swans and some random Ducks



Black leopard, Lion, and Bear 




Arctic Fox kits 


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