Good Morning Everyone,

It has been a little over a week since Baby V has started using the potty! Now because she‘s so young, we find this a little more challenging since she doesn’t talk much but we are working through it. Initially, she would go after waking up in the morning or from a nap but now she goes after drinking fluids so happy. Considering how young Baby V is definitely shocking everyone we are currently using both Pull-ups and Diapers. Pull-ups are so much easier to use while potty training your child. 
Our little girl is learning so quickly, not sure where she gets it from. She is one very smart little girl! We’re making Huge progress and couldn’t be more thrilled. Up to this point potty training has been a breeze (hope it remains that way). Either way, we’re thrilled she is loving this whole new step. 

Please make sure you read the signs your child gives you it truly helps. As soon as Baby V pulled her wet diaper off twice we knew it was time. We‘ve been patient, and it‘s really paying off, I know it‘s only been a week but we‘re making progress and that’s all that matters.

Signs your child is ready for a potty

  • Pulling at a wet diaper
  • Taking wet diaper off
  • Becoming more interested in the bathroom

For tips for starting out young the most important one is BE PATIENCE, they will get it.

I hope these blogs will be helpful or are helpful for parents who are potty training their little one(s).


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