I have always seemed to like Samsung and LG phones. The g7 has only been out for approximately a month now so there’s really not much about it just yet. I didn’t even know they had come out with a new one haha.

Here’s a list of pros

  • Larger screen (fits the whole phone)
  • Icon changes (round, square)
  • You can choose your grid size.
  • You can pin your text messages.
  • Second screen
  • Two screen savers (one stays on all the time if you want)
  • Has device finder 
  • capture_2018-07-05-11-41-232156106796401421277.jpg

List of cons

  • Zoom quality sucks (this is a HUGE one for me)
  • Too many options
  • Doesn’t show who texted you while the phone is sleeping
  • Barely vibrates when text is received.
  • No longer has the remote app

There are definitely pros to the camera since I’ve been playing around with it. It’s got a time-lapse, and so much more.

Here’s the time-lapse

Taking everything into consideration, I would give this smartphone a 9 out of 10 stars good phone defiantly different from the LG V20. I do like how the screen fits the entire phone so there’s no wasted space.



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