Keep your dog away from your pool haha

If you have a dog I highly recommend keeping them away from your pool depending on the style. Our dog last week jumped in and managed to pop a tiny hole in the pool, therefore we lost air and had to get a patch to repair it. Unfortunately, it required us longer to set up since it rained for about two days.

It¬†took¬†three of us to¬†dump¬†the remaining water and scrub the bottom plus rinse¬†it¬†again.¬†We had to do that at least two¬†times¬†as well as cleaning the cover.¬†I don’t recommend trying to¬†clean¬†it¬†yourself.

After a long while, it was time to fill it up and run the filter. It took us a few hours to fill but we ultimately managed to fix everything and go swimming! 


Before we fixed the pool, don’t mind the duck haha


After we fixed the pool



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