Where do I start? Let’s start off with signs your child is ready to be potty trained.

  • Pulling at a wet diaper
  • Taking wet diaper off
  • Becoming more interested in the bathroom


These are only just some of the many signs your child may show. If you see these signs it‘s time to go buy a potty! There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to picking one out. We selected a simple one that makes noise and has decorations on it. We purchased ours at Wal-Mart for less than $30.

Step 2

Place your child on their potty while you’re in the bathroom if they get right back up don’t worry just keep repeating it.They will get the hang of it in no time.

Step 3

First thing in the morning set your child on the potty and just wait there with them for a few and see if they go. Don’t force them to sit; I did learn to distract them on the potty helped enormously. When your child goes potty make a HUGE deal about it, I mean HUGE they will know they did a great job.

Step 4

Make a potty chart, depending on how old your child is, is what you should write on the graph. This is a rough chart for my daughter since she is still unfamiliar with potty training. Once she gets older we will add more things.



I would also recommend going to the Dollar Store and purchasing small toys and maybe sweets for when your child makes the goal you’ve set. Right now the goal for my daughter is when she pees she gets a sticker and a toy if she poops = candy if she achieves 2 things at the same time = candy. We aren’t expecting her to poop in the potty just yet but we will see!

When my daughter peed on the potty for the first time I gave her favorite breakfast and spoiled her the whole day. By doing that she than peed x2 more that night. The second time I gave her two stickers because she pulled on her diaper letting me know she had to go. I also gave her a treat because she did two out of the three things on her potty chart.


There will be more on Potty Training!



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