This movie is based on a bear who travels to London, he ends up staying with a remarkable family of four. Initially, they weren’t too thrilled because he destroyed EVERYTHING but by the end, they were overjoyed he was around.

Mr.Gruper made Paddington an incredible pop up book for Aunt Lucy, but he couldn’t afford it. He gets a job at a Barber Shop. (See how that goes) Paddington shaves an old man‘s head, so of course, he puts marmalade to patch his hair back on. (haha)

When Paddington is picked to help open the parade he comes up with a fantastic idea to start cleaning windows. Meantime, the so-called neighbor is trying to get his hands on the pop-up book. He tried catching the true thief but wrong place wrong time and gets arrested.

He helps out with the prisoner’s laundry and accidentally puts a RED sock into an all-white batch… Needless to say, everyone’s outfits are now pink.




Knuckles takes the bear into his protection as soon as he tried his marmalade sandwich. Time to feed the prisoner’s some real food! They absolutely worshiped it.

Mrs. Brown goes to have a chat with Phoenix when he says “with his dashing blue eyes” how would he know the color of the gentleman’s eyeballs when it was just a scratch? Mhm

The investigation begins. The children called up Phoenix and brief him to meet up with her at The Ritz while Mrs.Brown sneaks into his house to find some clues. Unfortunately, because they were trying to find clues, they ended up missing their visits with Paddington. Time to break out!

In the end, Paddington makes it home safe and sound, but more importantly, he is Free. Aunt Lucy was able to go see London instead of just viewing it on a book.

Such a sweet movie! Family is so important.


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