Today was a memorable day for me, I got up early and headed out when I saw a Mama and Baby deer eating in the field, on my way back they moved to a different pasture but I was still able to catch a glimpse of them. I went back out and low and behold I saw the Mama, Dada, and 2 baby fawns running and playing in the fields. I love animals and to see that first thing in the morning was amazing.

Had a fantastic breakfast with my hubby and our baby girl. We went to IHOP, and the pancakes are, nevertheless, the best place around. Baby V had a great time as well she really enjoyed her breakfast. It’s nice to be able to go out as a family.


After about two years of waiting to see a bridge go up, today was finally the day!!! I was on my way home in Portland stuck in traffic when I looked up and saw the Bridge was up. This may sound stupid but I was so thrilled. It’s taken me about two years to see something most people think is dumb but to me it was awesome.


I think it’s safe to say today turned out to be a great day.


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