Good Morning Everyone,

It’s Thursday morning, and I figured I would write a post about the upcoming blogs I have in stores your you.
My husband is a member of a festival which is in June, for the next two weeks most of my post will be about that. The festival is very important to him he’s been in it since he was a baby. Most of the post will be pictures but I really hope you’ll enjoy them!
Next weekend is where the real fun will begin because that‘s when the festival starts. Most of this week and next is setting up.
June is also a difficult month for the Viger family, but I haven’t discussed that just yet… (I’m unsure if I’ll post about it at all.)
There’s going to be a Block party with fireworks, a Parade, and so much more.
So stay tuned! If anyone has ever heard of this festival please let me know. It‘s called La Kermesse Franco-Americaine festival it‘s a French celebration.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram here is my link below I will be posting lots of photos on there as well.




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