Staying at home is a Big job


I want to write a post on what its like to be a stay at home mom as well as what we actually do while our spouses are at work.

There are many misconceptions about mothers who stay home, some may say we don’t do anything but there are some who know exactly how hard it can be. Provided you can stay home with your child it just means more time with them, but if you can that is fine as well. No matter what you choose dont allow anyone to tell you different.

I stay at home with my little girl. My plan was to stay with her until she turned a year old, but because it’s so expensive to put a child into daycare I am still staying at home. We are planning to put her into daycare soon but another problem is choosing the right place for your child to stay. Heres what mums actually do:


  • Change Diapers
  • Make meals/Feed them
  • Naps for baby
  • Playtime
  • Clean house
  • Everything
  • Put them to bed

We are with them 24/7 we don’t get breaks. My full day schedule is waking up and preparing breakfast for the baby V, next I tidy up after her and wash all dishes, bottles, and sippy cups while she has fun. We watch our programs and play together by the time our shows are over its nap time which lately she is fighting so that makes things difficult for me, honestly by the time I get her down I end up taking a nap because I’m exhausted. Once she is awake I prepare lunch, clean up depending on the weather we go outside. Not including all the diaper changes during these periods of time plus getting her dressed, it’s not an easy job that’s for sure.

I will say a fathers work is hard as well working a job but they get free time away from changing diapers and crying babies we don’t. One of the most key ideas for staying at home is because childcare is just ridiculously expensive I don’t know how anyone can afford it nowadays. I don’t even trust anyone to take care of my daughter how am I going to be able to pick a daycare for her with people I don’t know?

Remember if someone says you do nothing all day think back to how much we actually do… We take care of humans all day plus cook and clean while they come home to a spotless house and a home-cooked meal.

Something important I learned is to have a schedule, this may not work for some but it works for my family. Baby V loves being on a schedule it’s not always perfect but it works.


Even though some days are hard I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love staying at home with my daughter. Watching her grow every day is so rewarding. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it.



2 Replies to “Stay-at-Home-Mom”

  1. This is so relatable. Its definitely harder than being on a job where you get a break. But as exhausting as it is, I would never trade too as time with my baby is precious and we need each other 24/7. You are doing a great job momma😊

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