Even though today was a cloudy rainy day we finally got our grill last night and of course, we had to test it out by having a cookout.

DinnerHamburgers and Corn on the Cob

Don’t these look amazingly delicious. First time using our brand new grill, can’t wait for many more cookouts this summer with the family. I don’t think I’ll ever cook corn in a pot again it tastes so much better grilled, finally got burgers with toasted buns as well. Don’t mind my husband’s hand in the way.

That corn looks and was so good. A few grillΒ marks, butter and salt and it was fantastic even the baby loved corn. Perfect looking corn if I do say so myself.


Finally hit my first 100 followers on my Blog, thank you so much for you all for making this happen!


Had some visitors while we were grilling. Donald and Daisy, love having animals around Baby V absolutely adores them and is even very quiet when she sees them.


I can’t imagine life without a grill now that we have one. This is the perfect summer, the baby walks all the time, we have a pool, and now a grill this will be a fun and busy summer.

I’m so excited for all my upcoming blogs I have so many so please stay tuned for those.


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