Dinner & Dessert for a Cold Day â˜”🌀

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Since today was a rainy day Baby V and I decided to watch our favorite cartoon Spongebob Squarepants – don’t care if anyone doesn’t like it because we do. We had a nice all nap followed by lunch leftovers from last nights dinner of Beef Stew with some rice added.

Watched two movies first one was Jack and Jill and the second one was Bride Wars. Such great funny movies even the baby was laughing while watching Jack and Jill it was so cute!

During the movies, I decided to start preparing dinner and to surprise my husband with some brownies. Today was a wonderful fun filled day. Baby V also got a present which I will have a different Blog on that for Wednesday morning so stay tuned for that.

Bride Wars


Shepherd’s Pie

Brownies (For my Hubby)

What goes with brownies…? Ice-Cream!!!

Brownie sundae here we come.

What’s your favorite thing to do on rainy cold days?


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