Starting this week off at 143


  • Breakfast – Yogurt & Granola
  • Lunch – Chicken Nuggets & Fries
  • Dinner – Pasta Salad.

Went for a nice walk with our extended family, was able to burn lunch off.


  • Breakfast – Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon, & Strawberries
  • Lunch – Chicken Salad
  • Snack – Pasta Salad
  • Dinner – Pizza (Had two small pieces)


  • Breakfast – Cereal & Strawberries

  • Lunch – One slice pizza
  • Dinner – Hamburger & Corn on the Cob
  • Didnt workout today, woke up not feeling that great. This week isn’t going so well and It’s only Wednesday.


  • Breakfast – Yogurt & Granola
  • Lunch – Italians w/ chips
  • Dinner – Breakfast for dinner (French Toast & Bacon)


  • Breakfast –
  • Lunch –
  • Snack – Banana Smoothie
  • Dinner – Tacos

This was definitely not a good week for me. Really hoping I can get my butt in gear and start working out again. I’m just happy I really didn’t gain much weight even with not working out. I do have to say my stomach has become a lot smaller which is amazing.


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