V.I.P (How our day went)


Our day didn’t start off so greatI noticed Baby V has another tooth coming in which makes her irritable – can’t blame her. Breakfast was reasonably good, she ate quite a bit but when it came for her nap time you can forget about that happening. I spent two hours off and on trying to get her to sleep I know she was exhausted but Baby V just wanted to contest it. 

Now here’s where the fun begins. 

Yesterday, my husband called V.I.P to schedule an appointment to get the truck inspected for a sticker. Our appointment was at 2:00, I go in and hand the gentleman my keys so he can grab some information not giving it a second thought I sat down with the baby. I had brought the little one thinking it shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes tops for them to take at it. The baby was being good. I knew they were booked solid for the day, so we just sat tight. 

   20mins pass by and I texted my husband, Baby V was beginning to get restless – can‘t blame her she was doing so well a baby can only sit for so long before they start wanting to run away. I receive a call from hubby at almost 4:00 asking what’s taking so long? Have they started on the truck? None of which I could answer because I was busy trying to keep the baby from fussing. Thankfully the lady and gentlemen at the desk were helpful by distracting the baby by talking to her and having her walk towards them. 

I get off the phone and went to check the window they have set up only to find out they hadn’t even brought the truck inside to look at it. Are you kidding me?! It’s almost 4 and my appointment was for two, not only that but a guy who came in after I did (who didn’t have an app) left before my truck got started. To make matters worse the guy who was about to work on the truck says “do you have your key? No, I gave it to him “no you didn’t” as a result for a few minutes the keys where missing. Low and behold they had gotten left in the truck.

If it wasn’t for the two at the desk, I would have flipped out. When he finally finishes inspecting the truck, he tells me it‘s not going to pass. Okay, what’s wrong with it? We were expecting the tires, and brakes wouldn’t pass, nope they wrote a list of six plus items of what was wrong with it. I guess it‘s critical for your license light to work (which it wasn’t) So taking everything into account, I invested 2 hours of my day for nothing. I could‘ve been in the pool with my daughter not wasting my day sitting in a damn chair. 

All I can say is if you’re going to V.I.P. and they are busy your better off dropping your vehicle and waiting for a call. The second thing is don‘t take your children if you can avoid it. UnfortunatelyI had to take her but I was impressed by how long she behaved for because who wants to sit in a boring room for 2 hours doing nothing.


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