Movie Review

Release date: December 20, 2017 (USA)


This is the second time we’ve seen this movie, my husband and I saw it while in theaters, great film overall so we decided to buy it.

Here’s a little information on the movie. Four teenagers discover an old video game during detention, but when they start the console up they become part of the game. Will they make it out alive with only three lives for each player or will they stay stuck in the game?

Bethany gets detention because she won’t hang up the phone during a quiz. Martha refuses to participate with the other gym class, don’t insult the gym teacher haha. Spencer and Fridge get caught cheating on homework and end up in detention as well and this is where it all begins.


Fridge finds the Jumanji game and they all pick their characters.

Fridge – Moose (Mouse) Finbar an expert in zoology who’s really short

Strengths – Zoology, Weapons Valet

Weaknesses – Cake, Speed, & Strengths

Spencer – Dr. Smolder Bravestone, a muscle man

Strengths – Fearless, Climbing, Speed, Bloomberg & Smoldering Intensity

Weaknesses – None

Bethany – Professor Shelly, Shelly is short for Sheldon whose a fat guy haha

Strengths – Cartography, Archaeology, & Paleontology 

Weaknesses –  Endurance 

Martha – Ruby Roundhouse a hot chick who where’s short-shorts and a belly shirt in the middle of the jungle.

Strengths – Karate, T’ai Chi, Aikido, & Dance Fighting

Weaknesses – Venom 

These four must lift the curse that has been put upon Jumanji, must return the jewel to lift the curse. Remember if you want to leave the game you must save Jumanji and call out its name! 

The first mission is to locate the missing piece of the map, but when they complete their first mission they find an elephant that says “When you see me begin to climb.

Alex saves them from the bad guys who want the jewel back, they instantly realize he is the missing piece of the game. Alex has been trying to complete the journey for what he believes is only a few months, but after he gets down to his final life he stops until the kids find him. 

They finally make it to level 2, Who is Alex? Martha has to make use of her strength of Dance-fighting to distract the bad guys while everyone else breaks in to get the plane when Spencer discovers who Alex truly is. Alex thinks the year is 1996 which means he’s the missing boy Alex Veerke who has been missing for 20 years.

Made it passed level two barely when Alex gets bit by a mosquito (his weakness) Bethany gives him mouth-to-mouth when Martha notices one of his lives disappearing. She‘s okay with it because she has a life to spare and wants Alex back home!

The group finds the Jaguar, but the only problem is traveling to it without dying, They must work together to save that jewel and reverse the curse. When they reach the jaguar, they encounter the evil one who had stolen the jewel, Martha remembers she has two lives left and uses one – since she becomes surrounded by snakes but instead of giving up she allows them to bite her with their venom knowing she‘ll fall from the sky right above where she is needed. Spencer gets the precious stone places it in the Jaguar and together they yell out JUMANJI!!!

Mission completed time to head back home. (all five of them) 

When the group returns home to the house they once knew as the Freak House is different, Alex got transported right back to where he started he currently has kids and is happily married. Alex recognizes the four kids and goes up to them to thank them for saving him only to find out they had named their daughter after Bethany. 

They destroy the game, but will there be another one coming?

This movie was awesome, I absolutely loved it and thought it was so funny, I don’t recommend this movie for little kids as there are some moments that can be inappropriate. I give this movie a 100% 5-star rating.


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