New week, New Goals

Monday morning finally feeling better, Thursday I overworked my body and was in a lot of pain. Lost two days worth of working out :(.

Starting weight – 142 (original weight 146)


  • Breakfast — Yogurt & Granola,
  • Lunch — White Rice w/Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce (yum) and vegetables. 
  • Snack – Banana Smoothie

Dinner – Chicken Nuggets & Fries 

Worked out for 20min before lunch couldn’t work out a lot because I’m still hurting.


  • Breakfast – Chocolate Chip pancakes w/bacon. Worked out for 30min-feels so great!
  • Lunch – Ham Sandwich w/chips
  • Snack — Banana Smoothie and veggies 
  • Dinner — Mac & Cheese

Wednesday, not the best day didn’t get to workout and eating habits weren’t bad but high in calories. 

  • Breakfast – Sandwich from DD
  • Lunch — Rice with Sauce
  • Dinner — Chinese Food.


  • Breakfast – DD
  • Lunch — Leftover Chinese Food
  • Dinner — McDonald’s

    Not a good two days haven’t had time to workout but I will be right back at it tomorrow! I hope I haven’t gained any weight but guess we will see what happens.


It feels like forever since working outI ended up working out for about 20mins very happy with that. 

  • Breakfast – Yogurt & Granola
  • Lunch — Rice with Veggies and Chicken
  • Dinner — Spaghetti 



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