¬†Well,¬†it‘s Friday¬†and¬†I¬†had a bunch of projects¬†planned for today with Baby V. They didn’t get done because we had a Wasp in the room and¬†I¬†had no way of killing¬†it.¬†

My plan was to tidy up the room and kitchen area which¬†I¬†got some of¬†it¬†done but not as much as¬†I¬†was¬†hoping for.¬†I¬†was dusting and heard a buzz didn’t¬†think¬†much¬†of¬†it¬†thought¬†it¬†was a fly, but when¬†I¬†looked up¬†it¬†was a¬†fricken¬†WASP!!!¬†Like really of all things.¬†My¬†bug¬†zapper¬†wasn’t with me, and¬†I¬†wasn’t attempting¬†to¬†kill¬†it¬†with the baby in the¬†room¬†so we closed up the¬†room¬†and went somewhere else until¬†my¬†husband got home from work.¬†By the time he got home and went into the bedroom,¬†it¬†had been gone and we still have not encountered¬†it¬†It‘s possible¬†it¬†maybe¬†flew¬†away¬†I‘ll¬†find¬†it¬†tomorrow while¬†I‘m cleaning – here’s¬†to hoping¬†it¬†died or¬†flew¬†away.¬†

Baby V got hurt…¬†again today we¬†simply¬†can’t win with¬†her¬†lately,¬†she¬†ended up¬†hitting¬†the door with her teeth and started screaming¬†so¬†I¬†picked¬†her¬†up¬†and checked her mouth just to be on the¬†safe¬†side.¬†Low and behold there was¬†a lot of¬†blood poor baby I hate seeing her¬†so¬†upset and in¬†so¬†much pain.¬†Counting on this is the¬†last¬†incident to happen because my husband burned his arm pretty bad¬†she¬†bit her tongue¬†on Wednesday and now¬†she¬†gets¬†her¬†again with more blood.¬†

Here’s to hoping for a¬†better¬†weekend and week!

Tomorrow is cleaning day for me hoping I can get plenty done and not have to deal with a wasp again, but this time I will be ready. I got my bug zapper. 

Well, not much of a blog today will have more to coming soon! 

Thank you to all my followers I am so happy you enjoy my blogs, I am just Seven away from my first 100 followers and it just means so much to me. So again thank you to all my followers.
Stay Blogging 


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