What started out as a relatively good day¬†soon turned into a nightmare…

We got up and headed out to work the garage when we arrived Baby V and I went on the trampoline and had a blast! Unfortunately, it started getting extremely hot outside, so we decided to head in. Plus it was just about naptime-which she longed for because being a baby is tough, she was able to have a nice long needed nap. We headed back home for some lunch and a nap for me. 

Later on in the evening, we headed to visit the in-laws. Had to help them with a few things plus it was nice for them to spend time with the baby. We had Chinese Food for dinner yummy, Baby V enjoys rice, she genuinely enjoyed her meal tonight. 

Now for the nightmare

A parent’s¬†worst¬†nightmare is when their child gets injured and sadly ours did.¬†We were getting her ready for her shower when¬†she¬†slipped on a towel and face planted¬†the tub.¬†Next thing we knew¬†she¬†was screaming at the top of her lungs, poor baby.¬†I¬†figured¬†she¬†had just¬†bumped¬†her head until¬†I¬†notice blood gushing¬†out¬†of her mouth¬†I¬†started crying and freaking¬†out,¬†I¬†took¬†possession of her from my husband and tried to see why had happened but couldn’t.¬†There was blood EVERYWHERE it was horrible, We finally got her to settle¬†down and the bleeding to stop we¬†figured out¬†she¬†bit her tongue.¬†

It’s horrifying to know your child is upset, all you can do¬†is soothe them.¬†To be honest, my stomach was in complete knots for¬†so long.¬†The plus side is she is okay and finally sleeping.¬†We have another¬†long¬†day ahead for tomorrow just praying nothing¬†bad¬†happens to her because not¬†only¬†did¬†she get hurt but my husband burned his arm pretty¬†bad¬†the other night…¬†I hope I’m¬†not next.



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