Sad Day 


Just a random blog here tonight is a terrible night the final season of The Middle is here for those who watch it please let me know if you do.

It¬†is 8:21 P.M., and¬†I‘m¬†watching¬†ABC waiting for the final show to air.¬†I¬†can’t recall why¬†I¬†started¬†watching¬†this show but¬†I¬†just fell in love with¬†it.¬†For those who have no idea what¬†I¬†am talking about here is a brief¬†description.

The Heck family is considered a¬†middle-aged, middle-class,¬†middle-America¬†show with¬†mom¬†Frankie¬†who¬†tackles her career goals and deals with all the ups and downs of life husband Mike is a manager at the quarry.¬†They¬†have¬†three children:¬†Oldest¬†boy Axl, Awkward daughter Sue¬†who¬†can’t figure out what she wants and last the¬†youngest¬†son Brick¬†who¬†is¬†an extremely unusual child whose best friend¬†is¬†his books.¬†It’s a¬†funny¬†show a must watch in my book.

Tuesday 05/22/2018 Final Farewell

Axl¬†makes¬†his decision¬†and takes the job offer in Denver,¬†Frankie¬†and Sue are¬†devastated¬†but¬†Frankie¬†doesn’t want to lose her son so she¬†keeps¬†it together for him.¬†Mike¬†finds¬†a paper in the printer that says Axl is supposed to start work in a few days not a month like¬†he¬†thought will¬†he¬†be ready?

Of course you have to¬†send¬†your children out with nice luggage but in this case, it’s just cardboard¬†boxes from the Frugal Hoosier.¬†Brick seems oddly¬†happy¬†with the fact of Axl’s leaving home because¬†he¬†will¬†finally¬†get¬†his own room!¬†Brick¬†gets¬†a little too¬†cocky¬†and receives a bookcase from his¬†favorite¬†library and¬†gets¬†it stuck in their door jam…¬†How does that¬†even¬†happen?¬†Axl must decide who¬†gets¬†his¬†car¬†by¬†asking¬†some questions, ultimately¬†Sue ends up with the¬†car¬†because he never¬†got¬†her a 21st birthday present so sweet.¬†Mike gives Axl a family heirloom such a perfect father-son¬†moment.¬†

It’s time for the Hecks to¬†hit the road¬†to Denver,¬†gotta¬†love¬†siblings¬†already fighting and they haven’t¬†even¬†left¬†the driveway yet.¬†As the¬†road¬†trip¬†starts, the data¬†goes up.¬†As the¬†trip goes on so,¬†does¬†the¬†love¬†Sean¬†has¬†for¬†Sue, he¬†drives¬†up¬†right behind them to¬†confess his¬†love¬†for¬†her¬†because¬†she¬†had¬†found that¬†snowglobe in her apartment trash¬†which was meant¬†for¬†her¬†in the first place.¬†

At long last, Sue gets her joyous moment in life saying “I¬†love¬†you too Sean” I’ve been waiting the whole nine seasons for that minute.¬†Sue¬†never¬†has any luck in her life but¬†she¬†ultimately is¬†getting¬†what¬†she¬†deserves:¬†a modern car and her man.¬†They finally kissed!!!¬†Frankie finds the Death napkin(They¬†had¬†one before.)¬†apparently¬†Mike had a near death experience¬†and decided to write down a few things, needless to say, she wasn’t too happy about¬†it.¬†

Low and behold they forget¬†the Blue¬†Bag.¬†It¬†constantly provides the party snacks and¬†drinks¬†but no matter what they’ve¬†inevitably¬†left¬†it¬†somewhere.¬†Axl¬†has¬†kids…¬†didn’t see that coming¬†but no¬†surprise¬†they are three boys¬†who¬†act just like he did, Brick becomes an author¬†who¬†has¬†facial hair?¬†Sue gets married to Sean no surprise there, they are so meant to be together.¬†She looks absolutely magnificent in her wedding dress.¬†(She has had some interesting choices in outfits.)


Axl, Sue, and Brick


Well¬†in all reality, not the ending I was expecting, it¬†leaves¬†me wanting more feeling as though this isn’t the¬†end of¬†The Middle…



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