Baby Item’s I never used

Items we thought we’d use but never did


This will vary depending on your child’s needs and wants, but we found these items a waste because we never had to use them.

When you first find out you‘re pregnant you start looking around for your registry am I right? Of course, I am because I did the same thing even though we haven’t found out the sex yet.

Items we either didn’t want or got and never used

Burp Cloths


Crib bet set

Boppy (I didn’t get one I wouldn’t have used it.)

Mobile (didn’t help)

Changing Table (never wanted one)

Wipe warmer. (wouldn’t buy one)

Mittens for newborns (We used those once.)

Things we used a lot

Swing (slept in for about 6+months)


Stroller (which we didn’t think we needed)


Pack n Play (Off and on.)

I personally was all excited to get a bed set but found the ones I wanted were just ridiculously expensive, by the time Baby V started sleeping in her crib she was old enough to have her own pillow and comforter. Which worked out great it saved us money plus it had our scent-babies love that! Pacifiers were something we never planned on using but at the time in the hospital they took her to the nursery and gave her a paci. Around 3-4 months Baby V didn’t use one that much which made it easy for her to wean herself off. 
Two of the biggest items we had but never used were bibs and burp cloths. We ended up making use of an amazing swaddle blanket from Maine Medical Center after she had outgrown it the blankets weren’t any use to us. Currently, we‘re stuck with tons that won’t get used. My mother made her a bunch of them plus the ones we got from my baby shower and we barely used them maybe once or twice which is sad considering they were homemade. Our daughter would rip them off, so eventually just stopped bothering with them. 

What items did you put to use or not use with your little one?


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