30 items for $30 

Went to the Dollar Tree yesterday, one of my absolute favorite places to go! We ended up spending $30 for 30 items what a great deal am I right?

We had originally only come in for three items, but my husband knew we‘d buy more. We needed: Clothes Pins, Paint, and Brillo I was about to find two outta the three items I was looking for. They had no paint what the heck whatever I’ll just have to go somewhere else to get that. Here’s what we bought: Paw Patrol Bubble bathsFrog tub toys, a Frog bubble maker, A frog fly swatter (We all know I won’t be killing any bugs with that haha.) and last but not least give Paw Patrol washcloths perfect for Baby V.

Oh and we did wind up buying two packages of Brillo along with some Gatorade for my husband as well as clothespins.

We did end up using the bubble bath and I have to say I wasn’t too disappointed. When we basically had to pour the whole bottle in the water to get a decent amount, I mean it’s the Dollar Store for a reason.

I have a fun project coming up in the next few days for you guys. As you may know, we have been planning her birthday party for some time now and I am thrilled to say that day is almost here!! Since I am a “Deal Mom” who wants to spend less money but still have everything looking nice I came up with some awesome ideas and this is one of those. If I must say so myself.

I will provide a hint… It involves Cloths Pins and Paint. Can’t wait to share that Vlog with you. Yes, it will be a video blog with pictures as well.


Stay Tuned for my upcoming Blog and Vlogs!!!



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