Life with a Toddler


Since baby V is no longer on formula things have become immensely exciting, she now drinks; water, juice, and milk! Such a key step in parenting we no longer have to worry about running out of formula and all the others downfalls about it. 

Initially, I wasn’t 100% sure on how much¬†milk¬†to¬†give¬†her but¬†we¬†ended up¬†giving¬†her 8oz of¬†milk¬†practically whenever she demands it.¬†We¬†try¬†giving¬†her juice¬†or water and¬†save¬†the¬†milk¬†for after meals which seem to be working absolutely fine.¬†Baby V¬†has¬†three meals a day and one snack normally a few hours after lunch.¬†

A typical day with our toddler

7:00 A.M. wake up, select out an outfit for the day and prepare breakfast, cartoons with breakfast then we watch our game shows and play!

11:00-1:00¬†nap time after she wakes up I start making her¬†lunch¬†once¬†lunch¬†is finished¬†we¬†go¬†outside¬†to get some fresh air.¬†If it’s not a good day,¬†we¬†stay¬†in, sometimes¬†we¬†clean others¬†we¬†relax¬†after¬†being outside baby V gets either juice or water and a snack.¬†

4:00-6:00 P.M. Dinner time! Cook dinner we all eat together once we are finished depending on what night it is bath time will come after, bathtime is to follow after her bath its bedtime Yay lol.

I¬†love being a¬†mommy!!!¬†Taking¬†care of a little human that my husband and¬†I¬†created is the best thing¬†I¬†could¬†ever¬†ask for.¬†She is a perfect baby¬†always¬†has been.¬†I¬†endure¬†days where¬†I¬†merely want to post pictures of her¬†share her name, and just more information¬†then¬†I¬†am doing currently.¬†Subsequently,¬†I¬†remember we are¬†doing¬†this to¬†protect¬†her from those people who don’t deserve to know ANYTHING about her.¬†It‘s difficult, but¬†it‘s for the best.¬†It¬†is possible there will come a day where¬†I¬†can share all that¬†info¬†with my followers but for now, she’s a mystery which in some ways is entertaining¬†I‘m certain for you all.¬†Or at least¬†I¬†hope¬†it¬†is!!!¬†


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