Horrible Monday Night ūüė≠ūüėĶ

The day was going great, had a nice breakfast; chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, and strawberries. From there we enjoyed some cartoons and playtime with the little one, it was nap time so we all took a catnap still extremely tired from our busy weekend. We get up and I prepare lunch; Chicken parm, baked potato, and bread after we went for a walk followed by some playtime in the sand! 

Dinner was;¬†burgers and fries followed by bath time. Read¬†her a bedtime story and off to bed¬†she¬†went…¬†Or so¬†we¬†thought, every time¬†we‘d walked away¬†she‘d wake up¬†it¬†would be starting all over again¬†we¬†try getting her back to bed by rocking her that doesn’t¬†work,¬†she¬†refuses a bottle nothing is helping.¬†We¬†go to the last resort…A car ride, as I’m¬†working on¬†this blog¬†it‘s not¬†working¬†she¬†is still crying which is weird because¬†it¬†normally¬†works.¬†We decide to head back home when she takes her bottle and goes to sleep!!!¬†Yay

I¬†have allergies like most people¬†I¬†develop the following symptoms;¬†a runny nose,¬†itchy¬†throat, sneezing and worst of all¬†itchy¬†eyes.¬†Well,¬†I¬†ended up rubbing my eyes.¬†Next thing¬†I¬†know¬†it‘s swollen¬†I‘m like what the¬†fuck?¬†I¬†decided to¬†close¬†my eyes for a bit to see if that would bring the swelling down¬†it¬†made¬†it¬†much worse.¬†Honestly,¬†have¬†no idea what happened?¬†

Tuesday morning¬†I¬†wake up¬†eye¬†is still swollen but not as bad¬†I¬†contacted the doctors and they added it’s just my allergies.¬†The nurse responds by¬†saying¬†I¬†need to rest and¬†Benadryl¬†easier¬†said¬†than done when you have a baby.¬†


How was your Monday? 


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