Weekend Adventures 

Sadly it’s Monday morning and the weekend is over. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day I know I did!

Saturday was a very busy day for the family, we went out to dinner at the Bull & Claw the food was delicious, unfortunately, the service wasn’t so great. We had my mother, father, grandmother, husband and I, and we can’t forget about our adorable baby girl, she had a blast at dinner. She got to have; chocolate milk, bread, and pasta with chicken so good. The men enjoyed steak, mom and gram had seafood… ew haha. After dinner, we returned home and had cake what a perfect evening!

Sunday was just as busy, had to get up early for the baby’s photo shoot done by Tracey Mason in Scarborough I really can’t thank her enough she performed an amazing job taking care of us, I can only imagine how the pictures are going to come out. Went I had originally emailed her about pictures I wasn’t totally sure what we wanted to do for themes so she inquired us what we were interested in; fishing and hunting, etc. she was able to come up with two amazing backgrounds for the family honestly I can’t wait to do more business with her in the future. I will link all her information at the bottom please if you’re looking to get photos done for a good price go see her. She is incredible with kids and enjoys her job.

The whole family went to the Gray Animal Park, such a fantastic time even though the baby was extremely tired she enjoyed being outside. Got to observe so many animals; Bears, Moose, Ducks, Deer, Raccoon, Beaver, Eagles, and Turtles who doesn’t love animals am I, right? Had lunch at the park and got sandwiches it wasn’t too hot a little cold but we didn’t mind.

Surprised my mother with flowers, enjoyed a special day with the baby plus it was my second Mothers day ahh couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Hope you enjoy all the pictures we took!!

What did you do this weekend?


Tracey Mason – http://www.traceymasonphotography.com



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