What diaper brand do I use?


I use Huggies because they provide double grip strips, wetness indicator, dry liner and 12-hour protection. There are little snugglers for when the baby is tiny and not mobile just yet. Once they are you can move them into little movers to help move with your baby who wouldn’t want that. When I first found out we were pregnantI never really discussed any other brand I absolutely knew I didn’t want to use Pampers because to me they are way overused. 

When I had my baby shower we received all kinds of different diapers. I noticed when shopping for a baby shower most people don’t ask the mom to be what brand she is using which can make things difficult if your dead set on a certain brand. I got Huggies (of course) Pampers, Luvs, and Parents Choice, I will be writing my honest option on these three brands. 

Pampers: The first time I used them the tab ripped right off, like come on they were very baggy and just had a rough feel to them. Gave our daughter diaper rash, didn’t have leak-proof protection she peed once and I had to change her clothes (yes, the diaper was on good lol.) They are overused.

Luvs: Honestly, these weren’t a bad brand they had cute designs on them, they don’t have a wetness indicator line which stinks because I think they can be helpful. I don’t really have anything to say about them. 

Parents Choice: They SUCK… would never buy these for anyone, just because the price is cheap doesn’t mean you should purchase them. The product itself is cheap they don’t protect your little one what so ever. Don’t use if your baby has sensitive skin! Had to change baby’s diaper more frequently than we the other brands. All I can say is do not put these on your child. 



What brand have you used?




2 Replies to “Diapers”

  1. Way back in the dawn of time I only bought pampers (in England) as they were the best fit for my babies scrawny butts! Huggies gave both of my horrific nappy/diaper rash. I wonder if it’s just because this was 20 plus years ago and products have changed or if they’re made differently for different countries?

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