Labor & Delivery πŸ˜±πŸ‘Ά

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We arrived at Maine Med Friday morning around 10:00 am. I had my husband (of course) mother and father with me. They placed us in a room and checked my cervix I was 6cm dialed. Having my family, there was helpful my father made jokes to try and distract me from the pain I was in, they had gone down to the cafe to grab some food for everyone. My husband stayed with me! I went to the bathroom and started bleeding I freaked out and called the nurse she said baby and I were fine it was because I had been checked so many times. (I had never bled before, so it scared me.)
From what I remember it didn’t take them too long to move us into l&d I was 6-7 cm, we got a lovely room (wish I had pics) there was a bathtub, tv, and a nice view but I honestly wasn’t focused on that. Within a few hours the contractions became worse I was 8cm.
The pain was becoming very painful I couldn‘t lay or sit still so the nurse had to put a different monitor on me so I could move around. My nurse had examined me and stated I was 8cm, normally at this point your not supposed to go into the tub but she suggested I try as long as when I felt the need to push I say something, so I did it helped for a little while.
I got out because the pain was increasing she told me I needed to try to pee before they wanted to look at me again, She checked me out and announced I was 9cm the nurse immediately called the doctor, got permission to break my water since that was holding me up. Before I knew it they had broken it.
Experiencing my water break hurt at first but then all I felt was a puddle of warm water pooping… extremely strange feeling. Before I placed it everyone was in the room and it was time to push. The nurses were shocked at how well I was pushing, my mother and husband were in the room with me. I had my husbands hand and almost broke it because the pain hurt like a bitch. I had no time to think about getting any medication which was fine with me.
Labor was hard in some way I kept pushing but my daughter didn’t totally want to come out. Not only that but finally as she started coming out the doctors and everyone noticed her hand was on her goddamn face. (It had been within every ultrasound.) I felt the “ring of fire” holy shit did that hurt it hurt worse because her hand was on her face. I felt the “ring of fire” holy shit did that hurt it hurt worse because her hand was on her face. Her hand being on her face seem to be the reason I ripped. Honestly the worst pain I‘ve ever felt. I remember one of the first things my mother said was “she doesn’t have red hair haha.)
She was put on me ASAP and cleaned from there she didn’t cry but was healthy as can be. They were able to clean her off while she was on me I couldn’t believe we were parents. All I did was cry I was so overjoyed.
Daddy got to cradle her after; I have no words for how beautiful it was to see my husband tear up and look into our baby girls eyes. Marvelous moment!
Baby Viger was 6 lbs 9oz of true beauty and had a head full of hair!

Natural Birth

My plan was to always have a vaginal birth I‘m extremely thrilled I got to experience that with my daughter. I got into labor and delivery, not one second, did I consider getting an epidural at that point so we went with absolutely No meds! Which honestly was the best thing that could ever happen. I was able to encounter what my body was capable of doing and even though it hurt it was an extraordinary experience. If I was to do it all over again I would go natural for sure.



Labor was about 16 or 18 hours, most was at home like I planned.

Active Labor

I pushed for 8 minutes, and she had arrived.


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