Birth Story Part 1

Last Ob appointment before the baby was to arrive; I was 2-3 centimeters which I had been for the last month. At that point, I was becoming very eager for her arrival. Just 6 days away from her due date I could hardly wait, We got examined I was almost 3-4 Yay. She knew how disappointed and uncomfortable I was getting the Ob decided to perform a Membrane Sweep. I won’t lie it hurt!

The following day we went for a walk. I cleaned all over the house, started preparing dinner around 9:00 pm when I felt warm liquid pouring out I was like what the hell? Gave my husband a call telling him what was going on he said to contact my mother. She informed me to get in touch with the on-call doctors, they advised me to come in. Genuinely thought my water had broken. When my husband came home I insisted on eating dinner first I was starved, we ate next headed to the hospital. I had my cervix and fluids checked everything came back normal, got sent home and ended up puking my dinner up (gross) wasn’t too happy.

That night was relatively difficult, I tried to get some sleep but started having back pain I polished it off figuring it was from the poking and prodding from the last two days. We both got up early since he had to work I still had back discomfort but advised him to go anyhow, I tried everything to relieve the pain but nothing was helping my husband told me I needed to contact the doctors. They told me I was having contractions and to time them for one-hour and call back. So I did, when I called and replied they were 3-4 minutes apart she responded: “You need to come in right away!” Shocked as I was called my husband “you need to come home we have to go to the hospital I’m having contractions and there about 4 mins apart” originally planned on announcing “its time” but was extremely nervous and forgot to say that. He rushes home. I have a high tolerance for pain so I wouldn’t have even known.
Off to the hospital, we go.

To be continued…


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