No more Formula!!!!

Transitioning to Cow’s Milk


Yesterday was the first time the baby had no formula! A sad but incredible moment for us. Sad because she’s a year old and growing up, amazing seeing as no more spending hundreds of money on formula as well as no more bottles to clean!

It took about a month to switch her over; she was drinking 8 oz. If you’ve followed my other blogs you’ll have a relatively good idea how the transition went if not I will briefly explain. Started out by giving her 6oz formula 2oz milk for a week finally we got to half and made the change. We stopped at the half for a few reasons.

To make sure she wouldn’t have issues with cow’s milk

We ran out of formula, and she‘s a year old.

She was ready.

If you decide to go to the full 8oz of milk feel free to but this is what felt right for us.


I want to be honest with my followers so here it goes.

As a first time parent, I feel bad not providing my baby formula to go to bed anymore, I have to give her water instead she doesn’t mind but I do for some reason. I just want to make sure she is getting enough to eat and drink during the day does anyone else feels this way? 


She is so used to having a bottle before bed, now we are replacing her bottle with water. My worry is I don’t want to give her too much aqua plus it doesn’t seem like it’s satisfying her. A friend mentioned giving her a little snack before bed I will update you all on how that goes tomorrow night.




One Reply to “No more Formula!!!!”

  1. Awww, I remember switching my son over as well. It’s hard watching them grow up so fast. A snack before bed really does help with our little guy as well 😊


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