If you have read my other blog you will probably know where this is going if not here’s the link to my Dairy Queen blog.



Yesterday was a perfect evening for some ice-cream, so my husband and I drove down to Westbrook because we had our gift certificate and we really didn’t want to go back to the other store. We got to Westbrook, and the cashier said we could use it no problem as we are placing our order someone else’s comes out and tells us “You can’t use it here because of the stamp on the back” there wasn’t even a stamp on it and no one told us we couldn’t go to any DQ and redeem it. She told my husband “we don’t use those” then what gift certificates do you use? Is what I wanted to say.

We ended driving all the way to the other store where we had been given the coupon, the manager who gave it to me never mentioned it had to be used in the store it came from… plus she never stamped it like the Westbrook lady claimed it even though she looked at it and say there wasn’t a stamp. What really pissed me off is the fact that one says we can use it the other says we can’t make up your mind people. If you’re going to restrict customers from using them at other stores, you should say something.

There was NO stamp all it said was what we were given for free and the managers signature.

We got our ice-creams and they were all correct, I suggested you just go inside and order if you go to DQ because they clearly don’t know whats happening.


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