My family wakes up like any other morning, husband goes to work and baby and I go back to sleep for awhile.

We wake up, I give her a bottle and turn the tv on we start to get up for the and I see something crawling near our pillows… It’s a fucking SPIDER EWW I am so digusted I call my husband and tell him it’s one thing to find one on the floor it’s another thing to find one in your bed… Gross. I take all the sheets off and wash them we are so getting something to get rid of those nasty things. No one should wake up and find a damn spider in bed.

I have no idea how long it was in our bed for but I don’t care that’s so gross and now whenever I feel something I freak the fuck out. I barely even ate my breakfast because I’m just so disgusted.

If you haven’t figured out I’m TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS they are gross with so many legs ans nasty bodies. I don’t even wanna sleep in my own bed anymore ugh. Not how I wanted my morning to start.


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